My First Blog – Here to help and be helped!

Why did I decide to write a blog?

Well I’m told that “vlogging” is now the way forward but I really don’t have the face for youtube! So writing seems to be the next best thing for me!

I believe everyone has something they can offer someone else. Whether that be advice, laughter, comfort etc. and blogging gives everyone the platform to do that.

What will I be writing about?

I plan to write about work, family and things that interest me – I’ll try and leave out my boring interests!.

Work –  I’ve 14 years in the property industry, in that time have sold thousands of properties, met and dealt with many more owners, buyers, solicitors, agents and mortgage brokers. This puts me in a perfect position to write about the property market and help and advise anyone who asks or will listen.

Family – Now this wont be a parenting guide, far from it! This will be me sharing some moments in me and my families life. Whether it be the birth of my son, due any day now, or my daughters first day at school (she doesn’t seem old enough).

How often will I be posting?

I’ll be posting hopefully once a week over the weekend if all goes to plan. Depending on free time and amount of interest this maybe increased. Writing for me is a way to unwind. Like most people working and raising a family can be tough, we all need a little “me time”, well blogging is just that for me.



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