Bottles, Bums & Bedtime

Six days in and with bubba currently sitting in his bouncer, I’ve quickly come to realise that the early days of having a baby comes predominantly down to the three B’s; Bottles, Bums and Bedtime. You can cover almost everything with these three simple subjects.

Bottles – You’d be wrong to assume that this just covers feeding, totally wrong! There’s so much involved with nourishing your new arrival.

Bottle or breast? We opted for bottle, that way I could “pull my weight in the evenings” Obviously using formula has its benefits, but also some downfalls. The cost for one is phenomenal, there’s no doubt your are certainly paying for convenience. To be ababies-921037_960_720ble to make up a bottle in a moments instance is great, as our little bundle of joy is still finding his routine, but does it make up for how much it costs… for me, the debate is still ongoing!

Now it’s not enough just washing up used bottles, teats and lids, they have to be sterilized too. The last free space I had in my kitchen and possibly in my home has now been taken up by a large steamer/steriliser on the work top!

The feeding itself is the easy bit, it’s often a calm, tranquil part of the day often followed by a period of time trying to get your little person to burp without them projectile vomiting all over you. Believe it or not this is one of my favorite “jobs”, the faces my little’n pulls while being burped are hilarious! From a big smile to an almost Elvis Presley like impression with the corner of his upper lip trying to reach further than it should is priceless.

I’ve yet to be vomited on and hope I do not have to come back and edit this section any time soon…

Bums – This topic is pretty self explanatory. Having already had a daughter, changing a nappy should be second nature. Little did I know that boys provide an entirely different challenge.

As just mentioned, I have a nearly four year old daughter and I changed a fair view of her nappies. But now having a boy throws a different challenge at me. You open the nappy, examine what the damage is and before you know it you feel a warm trickle of pee either up your arm, or if your extremely unlucky, in your face. While this is funny if it’s your other half or a family member, it absolutely isn’t if you are the unlucky sole being tinkled on! Ahhh parenthood!

A dirty nappy is one for all the sense; The sound, the sound your child makes when squeezing (is that the right word??) The smell, well this is indescribable and is only made worse by opening the two Velcro straps somehow holding the turmoil inside. This brings me onto taste. There’s no escaping the taste, the smell is so pungent you can feel it on your tongue. Entwined with tasting it, the sight of it almost completes this little subject. How can someone who looks so cute produce something that looks so horrendous and harrowing it’s beyond belief!

Bed- Ah bed, before your little dumpling arrived this was uninterrupted and a looked forward to part of the day. Not anymore. It’s the constant battle with your partner about who’s turn is it to do the feed and change the nappy at 2 o’clock in the morning! Knowing that your going to feel like you’ve been hit by a lorry in the morning,

All of this is wrapped up all in the knowing that you have it all to do the next day and the day after…..

And do you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world.  bwducks-1426008_960_720



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