Prepared for Parenthood?

Are you prepared for parenthood?
You’d think this blog would be filled with wholesome advice from an expert, then you’d think wrong. This isn’t a professional, qualified person or doctor on childcare’s opinion, I’m just an ordinary dad. This dad just wants to share some things I wish I would have been told about before trying to conceive my two little darlings (honestly that wasn’t written/said through gritted teeth!).
These observations of mine are mainly aimed at from 18 months old. You know the time when they’re not babies anymore, they are now starting to walk around like they own every house they walk/wobble into. The age where they find their voice and decide to disagree with anything you say. Ahh the baby times, how I miss them!
I’ve now rabbited on long enough with this intro let’s get on with it!

If your thinking of having children, ask yourself these questions before you do.

Are you prepared to watch the same cartoon or film over and over again for the next three years? If you’re lucky your little one will pick a film or series that you like but I can say with almost certainty you’ll be watching it so much it will drive you mad. Whether it’s Peppa Pig or Frozen,


you’ll be hoping he or she latches on to another show before you throw the iPad and tv out!
Are you prepared to never be able to go to the bathroom on your own? I didn’t think this would bother me, but when quiet time is a rare commodity it can be quite frustrating. Those few minutes you have in the loo are precious, so precious your little one will want to be there right with you to share it! I even have an audience when I’m in the shower or bath (sorry for that mental image!).
Are you prepared for the endless silly questions from your inquisitive child? You have the usual culprits like “where do babies come from” which I’ve managed to swerve so far, or “how is blah blah made” You then get a curve ball like “what happens when you die?” How are you meant to answer those sort of questions! School cannot come quick enough!
Are you prepared for role playing? Not your computer game role playing like warcraft and the likes, real, physical role play. You dress up, sometimes in my case as a princess and are literally told exactly what to say and how to say it and any attempt to divert from the “script” are met with repercussions. On occasions, it can be Barbie roll playing or even pretending to be mummies and daddies just to mix it up every now and again! It’s not all scripts an


d acting, sometimes I get to be a trampoline or bouncy castle, yaaaay!! Normally this happens just after dinner, the time where I just want to sit and enjoy the lovely meal my lovely partner has made for me – no chance. Before I’ve even swallowed my last mouthful this monkey like child is on my back trying to wrestle me to the floor so she can have a jump on me!
Are you prepared for rejection? This is where we get serious. When your adorable wide eyed little boy or girl tells you they no longer like you or even love you anymore, just because you didn’t let them stay up an extra five minutes. At first, this really hurt, I mean how could they not love you right? You provide everything for them, they want for nothing and yet they do not hesitate to drop that bombshell on you. Fortunately, they soon forget their uncalled for dislike of you and are soon enough wanting to do one of the above things mentioned.

There are countless others I could share, but then where would the fun be for you?
Please do not misinterpret this blog as a negative. I’m already dreading the day my kids no longer want to jump on or play with me. The day that picking them up for a cuddle or kiss is a distant memory. Although at times it can be challenging and tiring I love it all! Treasure it.

Let me know if there’s anything that you wish you’d have known about being a parent in the comments below.

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  1. This is brilliant Lee I am still scarred for life from having to watch the pokemon movie many years ago!! Treasure every moment as you miss them when they have flown the nest!!!


  2. I remember being asked by my eldest (who’s that Lee) “what is a learch” – he wanted to know because on TV, someone had been left in the “learch”
    And last weekend I had a day out with my boys, and none of them held my hand – such rejection.


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