Lies you tell your children

A few days ago, rightly or wrongly, I found myself explaining to my daughter that Father Christmas (or Santa to my American readers) was always watching her to make sure she was behaving. I only have to utilize this “incentive” when she’s having the mother of all meltdowns, but after I had calmed her down with that ace up my sleeve, it had me wondering. How many lies or fibs do we tell our children? I’m not talking about far-reaching lies here, just your general harmless fibs that don’t cause harm or depression when the truth is final exposed!

Here’s some I’ve heard or am currently using.


  • Father Christmas/Santa, Easter bunny – This is one used fatherxmas314746_960_720in my household for any occasion. No matter if Christmas is a distant memory, the thought of Father Christmas (ME!!), not bringing her any presents is an instant strop stopper! The same goes for the Easter bunny if I want to appeal to her sweet tooth!


  • If you watch too much TV you eyes will go square – This seems rather obsolete these days with pretty much everything we do involving some sort or screen. In 2014 the BBC reported that on average Britons spend children-403582_960_7208 hours and 41 minutes either texting, watching TV, emailing or gaming, That’s more than the recommended sleep you’re meant to have!


  • Carrots make you see in the dark –  How do you get your children to eat something carrots-2387394_960_720healthy? Imply that eating said vegetable will give you super human powers! Unless you have a smart arse for a kid you should get a few years out of this one!


  • The ice cream vans music meant they had run our of ice cream – I’m pretty sure I remember my parents pulling this one on me and my brothers and what a great one it is too! Why wouldn’t she believe me when I say they have run out?!


  • Every time you lie their nose grows – There are different vapinocchio-595453_960_720riations of this, my other half tells me her mum used to say a spot appeared on her forehead every time she lied. Which ever route to decide to go down just make sure there aren’t any mirrors they can go and check themselves in.


  • That’s a beautiful picture or painting – After a hard day at nursery my daughter loves coming home and showing me the fruits of her labor. I don’t think any parent has the heart to ask their kid what it is they are being presented with. Just stick it on the fridge and say well done.#


  • Tooth Fairy – I’ve not had to use this lie/fib as yet. But I suppose if you have to try and reassure your child that a piece of their body falling out is actually OK, you may as well reward them for going through this traumatic ordeal.


I’m sure I’ve not covered all the little truth bending sayings in the world so please share with me any that you’ve used yourselves in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Lies you tell your children

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  1. I don’t have any kids yet, but my mom used to tell my sister that if she kept rolling her eyes, they would get stuck that way! I laughed so hard about the ice cream van.. I’ve never heard that one before!

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    1. I’ve not heard the eye rolling one. I’ll have to use that, my daughter constantly does that to me! Glad I made you laugh I can’t take credit for that one, my dad used that on me and my brothers. Thanks for stopping by, I LOVE hearing from people who have had a read!


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