Baby Boy One Month Update

Well I can’t believe that it’s just over a month since my perfect little boy was born and joined our family.  Time seems to have accelerated these last few weeks and it’s difficult trying not to miss any of the key moments of my little boys life.

I suppose I should start on the first few days of Baby H’s life, which were spent in hospital with his mummy. After the birth my little man was taken to the neonatal unit where he had to be monitored. When they were both finally allowed to see him he looked so big in the incubator, especially as he was positioned next to another baby who only weighed 2lb 6oz, poor little girl!

After a few minutes of gazing into his beautiful deep blue eye’s the nurse came over which worried me, no nothing was wrong with him, it was time to change his nappy! I struggled with this task with our daughter at first but eventually had the hang of it before the other half got the hump. Anyway, this time I’m presented with two extra challenges: One – the anatomy of a boy is obviously different from our first child and Two- he’s in an incubator and cannot be taken out.

The incubator has circular holes either side and to both ends, these are the only way you can gain access to the precious cargo inside. Anyway, my other half and nurse were standing there watching like I was being tested. I was nervous, my hands were sweaty, the pressure was huge. As a dad you’re meant to just do these things, like it’s second nature when in reality its a skill, a skill made even more difficult when access is via the small round hatches. After struggling for what seemed like an age the nurse stepped in and put me out of my misery.

My mum and dad had our daughter, who had no idea that her mummy was making her a big sister. She had been so excited about having a little brother, asking numerous times a day when her brother would be here. Finally we could introduce her to her new best friend. Mum and dad drove her to the hospital and had her waitinglife-862967_960_720 not knowing who she was about to meet. I wheeled him into the room in the cot he had now been moved into, her face lit up, it was beautiful. You could tell the exact moment she fell in love with this tiny little person she had been so eager to meet. She gave him a cuddle which filled me with so much pride. She had been practising on how to hold and change babies on her dolls at home and now she’s here doing it for real. Such a big girl!

We get home with our new born, it’s been four years since Stacey and I have had to worry about bottle feeds, nappies and a sleeping routine that works for us both. As we did for our first, we had a plan: I do evening feeds and nappies and Stacey does the morning, it works perfectly for us. Everything else just falls into place, especially with our little helper of a daughter.

We had the midwives and the health visitors come over to make sure bubba and mum are all OK, they both passed with flying colours. As expected, when he was weighed he’d lost a little bit of weight but he has certainly recouped it and some! He’s a little chunk, he certainly gives you an arm ache when feeding him!

The difference nowbaby-sleeping-2073290_960_720 he’s one month old to when we brought him home are amazing. His eyes now follow you around a room, he turns to the direction he hears a sound and somehow, he can already lift his head up and have a good look around! He has his little personality and traits too, his gentle tutting sound when he’s hungry, the cute little smiles which at first were almost certainly wind but now are perfect little grins and the not so cute random grunting at unsociable hours.

It’s true babies don’t do to too much in the early days and weeks but while writing this this post I had numerous smiles on my face as I typed. I really hope by doing this it helps me remember the little things my little man does and how amazing he

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