Dear Mummy….

I’m just over five weeks old now and already I’m so proud to call you my mummy.


Our first cuddle wasn’t long enough before I was taken away from your tired but comforting arms. I remember I could feel the heart I’ve heard everyday from inside your tummy, pulsating against my cheek as you snuggled me tight for those slender but precious few seconds.


The hours we were separated seemed like forever. I know you wanted to see me and I did you too, but it was the nurses task to continue the hard work you had started. The nurses turn to look after me and the doctors you, making sure that both of us were OK to continue our cuddles later. Finally, I was laying next to you on the ward, no one else to disturb us, it was just me and you. You cuddled me for hours, sorry for the sore arms I must have given you. But know this, I loved those cuddles just as much as you did.

You must have been so tired, but you still found the energy to change and feed me. I was sleeping but could always sense you gazing at me with your loving eyes. Somehow you had the stamina and strength to make me feel like the most important little person in the world.

  • I love our cuddles, our special time together.
  • I love how you call me your “gorgeous bubba”, my sister should be jealous but you keep us both equally adored.
  • I love how I can now stare at you and follow you face and voice with my eyes.
  • I love how you know what I want and what I need just by the sound or tone of my voice



Each day your teaching me new things and showing me new experiences, I’ll try to take everything in, but this world you have made for me is different. A different environment to the one I spent 10 months in your tummy, it will take time for me to adjust but with you guiding me I’ll grasp it in no time! You’re doing everything I need for the best start in life, I couldn’t have asked for a better mummy.

I’m just five weeks old and as I get older, the feeds will become less often, the cuddles fewer but do not be worried. I’ll have different wants and needs, I’ll be able, with your help grow into the person you hope I become. The years will fly and in no time I’ll be running to your arms and telling you I love you with my own voice. One day, in years to come, I’ll be able to say these words to my role model, my teacher, my mummy.

Thank you & I love you xbaby-baby-with-mom-mother-kiss-tenderness-67663

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