Social life? What social life, we have children!

Making time to be you – not just a Mum or a Dad

Working full-time with two children is certainly hard work, I don’t know how Stacey does it!! As our schedule is loaded towards doing things with our children it makes maintaining a social life pretty hard. It also makes having time as a couple tough, its finding the childcare and also having enough energy to actually do something.

Sometimes Stacey and I wonder what we actually use to do to fill all the free time we had before having kids. If there ever such a time where we find ourselves with a babysitter, what would we do? If we really thought hard we could summon up a distant memory of maybe a visit to the cinema, a meal out or even the odd weekend away.

These day’s we’re lucky to even have an afternoon to sleep. It’s not that we do not have offers to have our children. We both have parents more than willing to have them and our oldest loves being with them, however there’s a part of us that cannot switch off being a ppeople-2557408_960_720arent. We’d love to be able to go out every Friday or Saturday night for a fancy meal or show but the reality is we’re just too tired. A Saturday night for us when the kids are in bed, consists of a takeaway dinner, a cuddle on the sofa watching X-Factor or Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (hurry back we miss this show!)

We need to make time to be us, after all, that’s what brought us together in the first place. The children stem from us, an extension of why we are a couple. If we hadn’t been captivated with spending time with one another they wouldn’t be here right now.

Nights out with the lads aren’t what they used to be

Earlier this week a few friends and I organised to meet up for dinner. It feels weird saying that, usually we’d say night out/p*ss up, but now well into our 30’s dinner is a much more civilised thing to do.

We agreed to meet at the local Weatherspoon’s pub before moving onto the restaurant. I arrive with most of the lads there engrossed in conversation. The first thing I noticed is the lack of alcoholic beverages were on the table, a mixture of Coca Cola and lemonade… What happened to us, we’re at a pub and not a beer in sight!

Me and one of my friends have newborn boys with another having a one year old boy. We’re sitting there exchanging stories of bottles and nappies with our childless comrades trying to understand the new routines us dads find ourselves in. The late nights and early mornings are starting to catch up with me so I wanted to down my soft drink and get some food – It was 8 o’clock far too late to be having dinner anyway. We eat, chat and are all home by 10pm. Wow 10pm very rock and roll, this used to be the time we’d actually meet to go to the pub before hitting the nightclubs. Not anymore, we’ve grown up now (mostly).ipa-2551310_960_720

I should maybe add this to my other blog about things to be prepared for when you have children! Anyway let me know what you get up to when you’re childless for an evening, maybe you could inspire us to do something similar.


8 thoughts on “Social life? What social life, we have children!

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  1. Parenting: the days are long but the years are short. They grow up so fast, enjoy the time you have with them because they’ll be grown before you know it. Taking time for yourself is important too. It helps you recharge and put your life in perspective. I’m actually in awe to see a parenting blog by a dad. Kudos to you!

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    1. Thank you, I was a little nervous as it’s a very mum orientated genre, but everyone has been so kind. “The days are long but the years are short” that’s a fantastic quote/saying so true!

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  2. This is so spot on! It has been two years since we have our daughter and she has been with me 24/24hours with some hours here and there. And when my hubby and I do get that rare moments to ourself we kind of want to be left alone. Him go out for a run and me working on my blog. Is not that we dont appreciate each other but we both crave for a alone time.

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    1. You need to have that alone time certainly! I’m lucky enough that I can also go for a run (sometimes)and my blog fills up baby feeding hours. We are going out this Friday, will still be home by 10pm 😉😀

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