The Dad Bod – do you like it?

Growing up I was always very skinny, weighing no more than 10 stone or 140lbs to my American audience. As I was a pretty tall boy, that body weight was distributed rather thinly over my 6ft plus frame. So much so that my mum even questioned a doctor as to why I was so skinny, very embarrassing. It’s wasn’t down to not eating enough or some sort of disorder it.I just burned off everything I ate. I was a very active person, playing football and basketball at any opportunity. Before, after and even during school I’d always be doing something active. Even after leaving education, I still played football and even started running a couple of years ago.

As the years rolled on, my metabolism didn’t seem to slow down. I stayed very slim while my friends, well some of them, began to grow/bloom in size. Then a couple of years ago whilst playing football, a friend of mine said “Lee you’re getting a bit of a belly!” I looked down and low and behold he was right. My shirt was definitely tighter around the stomach area. I wasn’t exactly worried or upset as to be honest. I had always wanted to be a little bigger, but was hoping it would be muscle rather than fat contributing to my mass gain. Don’t worry I wont be poisoning yours eyes with pictures of my physique, I’ll use good old for the images 🙂

When I asked my other half, Stacey about what she thought of my new shape, she said she prefers it. As Stacey was rubbing my belly she used the term “Dad Bod” it felt good, it felt like it suited me.

I hadn’t heard of this body type before but after some googling, I discovered famous people such as DiCaprio, Simon Cowell and Chris Pratt were all rocking the Dad Bod. No longer did I need that gym membership or worry about having to hide my gut and turkey neck. Just the occasional run here and there just to keep the heart ticking over

However, as soon after I had accepted this brilliant new body trend, it was over. I had just started to feel really comfortable knowing that I could, within reason, eat what I wanted and not have to worry about the social pressure to look “good”. When suddenly Menshealth do a survey asking women would they date someone with a “Dad Bod”. The results aren’t good. Worryingly, 62% percent of women that responded said either “absolutely not” or “it’s not something they look for”. For a brief moment in my life I was in fashion, for that slender (haha) year or so I had something in common with celebrities. Not anymore!

I’m lucky though, I don’t have to worry about attracting the opposite sex, I only need to impress one woman in my life now, Stacey. She’s seen me at my skinniest and penniless and still stuck by me, fattened me up and sorted me out to who I am today.

I can’t wait to marry her next year, not because it makes it harder for her to leave me 🙂 but because I want her to know that no matter what size, shape or appearance we both have. We still love each other no matter what. Hurry up July 2018!

Any one of my readers experience the same or something similar? Male, female or anywhere in between, let’s hear your story.

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