4 Year Old Daughter Troubles

Today for me is the beginning of a wonderful five days off of work, timed well with the Bank Holiday Monday. It’s only 1pm at the start of writing this blog and already I’m at the end of my tether. My daughter is very much making me aware of why and how much I appreciate going to work. My little one starts school in a matter of weeks and we’ve being trying to “iron out” the last of the toddler habits that have seem to have become more and more regular. You know the things, habits like whinging over silly little events, not being very patient, stropping like a spoilt little madam when being told no to something and answering back to name a few.


For me it’s the answering back that gripes me the most. Not just because it’s rude and disrespectful, but she’s extremely quick and clever with her answers! It’s as if she knows what I am about to say before I have even said it and computed a response to extract the maximum amount of stress from me possible. Everyone has always said how intelligent our little girl is, but I never thought it would come back to haunt us.

Tidying up is next on my list of grievances. How hard is it to put something away once you have finished with it. She’s repeatedly told to put her stuff away but does it sink in? Ohhh no! Aghhhhh!?!?! When my other half reads this, I know she will be giving me look of “reeeeally”- I somewhat lack lust at doing this myself, but as the saying goes:

“Do as I say not as I do”

The use of crying and slurred words as opposed to actual words – Oh I despise this, she has a fine vocabulary. Trust me this is voiced many a time with words used to answer me back, however when it comes to asking for something she knows she shouldn’t have or has been told to wait for something, she transforms into some sort of drunk crying over something silly.


She constantly keeps changing what she wants to do. You’ll spend 15 minutes preparing something nice for her to do, something that she has asked to do by the way. Whether it be painting, drawing, play dough or Barbie’s within minutes she’s off and wants to play or do something else. Of course she doesn’t help tidy up, see above haha!

Don’t get me wrong, It may sound like I’m making my eldest child out to be some sort of monster when she really isn’t. This is only some of the time she is somewhat annoying. For most parts of the day (well when I come home from work) she’s an angel. I think it’s because she is so astute I tend to forget she is still a little girl and still finding her feet with boundaries and behaviour. This doesn’t stop it being bloody frustrating 🙂

Am I being to harsh or too expectant of my soon to be school girl? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. It isn’t easy dealing with kids, it can be very exhausting at times for us parents. They tend to fall in and out of mood easily especially at this age. Patience is the key, we must be patient with them because, it’s part of the phase they go through. I must point out that this is a great post.

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  2. It definitely isn’t easy with small kids however I don’t think your being to harsh it’s just that your going through the motions like we all do with our kids they can be a hand full and all you can do is do the best you can!


  3. Haha! I am struggling also with my 3,5 daughter also going to school in a few months. These days she trying everything to do what she wants. Her father is free and at home with us. I really try to do what I said and rules are rules, but her dad is not like me. So every time she wants something she can have it because of her dad. I try to stay calm and breathe. This time will pass. I read a few amazing parenting books that really helped me. Conscious parenting!

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    1. My other half and my mum isn’t as firm with her as I am so sometimes I fighting an uphill battle. I’m sure it will get better when she’s at school… I hope 😂


  4. I think this is hilarious, not harsh. I’m sure many parents feel this way. Although my daughter is only one and a half I get frustrated about the similar things. And since you’re used to being at work, I’m sure it’s not as easy to deal with.


  5. You’re definitely not being too hard on her. You’re giving her boundaries and setting up expectations for her. My husband and I are very strict with our 3 year old but in reality, how else are they going to learn? My thought is, you make rules and you enforce them. So expecting a fully capable toddler to clean up after she’s done playing is definitely not too harsh. You’re doing great mama!

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  6. This is all such normal behavior for this stage. My daughter just started school and she is testing every limit as well. They need to so they know what’s too far and what’s just right for their behavior. They are usually awesome at school and in public and then they save their worst behavior for home where they feel most comfortable.

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    1. She certainly feels comfortable at home. She’s definitely ready for school, happened behaves better for her teacher.


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