Parents Pet Hates – Here’s mine.

My last blog, Four Year Old Daughter Troubles , seemed pretty popular amongst you, my valued readers. It seems you lot like to hear about me being annoyed by my children, well not being one to disappoint, I thought I’d share some of my parental pet hates.

  • Missing her mouth with her food – Poppy is a very skilled young lady! Her hand and eye co-ordination is second to none. She’s been catching and kickingย  a football since a very early age. However, when it comes to putting food in her mouth, there seems to be some sort of force field around her mouth diverting it to her cheeks, chin or chest! Aghhhh


  • Grubby faces – This is kind of related to the above. When you have food on your face it annoys you, so you wipe it off right? Not if your my child! She’ll happily walk around for hours with dried peanut butter for an eyebrow or cheeks covered in jam or tomato sauce! Get a baby wipe girl, there’s hundreds of them all around our house!


  • Sticky fingers. This is going to sound like I’m some OCD cleanliness parent, I’m really not, there’s just very little time (that I see) of my child looking clean and fresh. So when my little girl comes back from nursery, grandparents or anywhere other than a bath her hands are sticky. I have no idea why and more often than not, they always almost find their way to my face!


  • Slow walking for no reason – Is it just my kid that when your in a rush your child becomes the worlds slowest mover? Whether it’s you’re rushing to get back to the car before you get a parking ticket or dragging them around a shop, they want to stop and look at everything. Get a wiggle on kids mummy and daddy have got things to do!!!


  • Running around like a loon when there’s no need! – The opposite of the previous post. We have a bungalow with a central hallway with all the rooms coming off of this hallway. Our daughter feels the need to blindly run at the speed of sound up, down and around the doorways resulting in either a collision or a stubbed toe. Will she ever learn?


  • Not flushing the toilet – Now I don’t mind when she has a wee and forgets to flush, it’s when she goes for a number 2 and doesn’t flush! I’m just going to leave that one there for you to mull over. Much like what Poppy does for us!

I love writing about my daughter, everything she does eventually puts a smile on my face, if even at the time it drives me mad! I know in years to come when we look back on pictures of her with food round her mouth or tears in her eyes from stubbing a toe, it will ignite a memory. A memory that we wish we could go back and re-live.

There’s probably a few more I could list, but I’d love to hear some of your pet hates!

Let me know comments below!

Until next time!

6 thoughts on “Parents Pet Hates – Here’s mine.

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  1. My daughter walks around with food all over her face too!! The other day I went to drop her off at daycare and spent a good 5 minutes in the parking lot licking my fingers and rubbing her face because she had remnants of strawberries….EVERYWHERE! ๐Ÿ˜‚ and like you said, NOW it’s funny but then? I was totally late for work and doing the ever so popular parent mumble “come on, I’m late” “Put some pep in your step.” “Stop dilly dallying.”

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    1. It’s so frustrating at the time, especially when your in a rush! I’m glad it’s not only me. I can certainly my relate to wiping faces with licked fingers!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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