Beach & Park Day – One day until she starts school!

School Beckons 

Today was one of our last days with Poppy before she starts school, where have the last four years gone?

Our days off recently have been swamped with wedding planning and jobs around the home so we felt that we needed to do something for the kids for a change. The British weather didn’t let us down – it was cloudy and drizzly but that didn’t matter. Children do not care about cloud cover or precipitation and this was proven by Poppy. She had her rain coat on, bucket and spade in hand and couldn’t wait to get to the sea front.

All four of us jump in the car and (lazily) drive the short distance to the sea front. We have miles and miles of beautiful beaches but I’m always drawn towards the same part where me and my brothers were brought up. The tide was coming in and the wind was blowy. Poppy rushes along the promenade and before we’ve had chance to catch up, she’s sitting down taking her shoes off, picking the perfect spot to build her sand castles. Stacey had the thankless task of dragging Harrison in his pram across the sand, the more she pulled the more the pram seemed to get stuck, rather you then me!IMG_0505 - Copy


Even though the weather wasn’t the best we had to go for a paddle. Poppy grabs my arm and drags me across the stony shoreline, my feet were hurting from the jagged stones underneath them. She’s a lot braver than me and headed straight for the water towing me with her, I was apprehensive of how cold the water would be. Our coastline isn’t exactly Florida or along the Mediterranean Sea, it wasn’t a case of how warm the water would be, more how cold it would be! The water rushes towards us and hits our feet, Poppy laughs and cries for a bigger wave, the next one was bigger and crashes up our legs – more laughter, it really is the best sound! We play for a while with the waves running towards them and then running away until our feet are numb from the cold. At least walking on the stones back to Stacey wouldn’t hurt as we had no feeling in our feet!

IMG_0492 - Copy

Time to dry off and build some sand castles. Stacey remembered to bring with us two buckets and tea spades so we could help her. After picking who was going to have which tools for the sand castle building we began. Every Dad thinks he’s and expert at building sand castles and wants to pass that expert advice to his children. Poppy didn’t think so, she’s very independent and almost always shakes off any help and advice as pure distraction. After a while of building and building, the tide proceeded to come in. We packed up our buckets and spades and headed back towards the promenade. Sandy feet were everywhere.

A visit to the beach isn’t complete without an ice cream, Poppy wouldn’t allow it! We headed to the cafĂ© on the front where I used to head to when I was younger and ordered ice creams for us. Harrison still asleep in his pram. Everyone else was cosied up inside tucking into their nice warm lunches, the smell of sausages and chips escaping the serving hatch where we were ordering from. Three ice creams were ordered, with our selection we received a strange look. “Ice creams in this weather?” We didn’t care we were having fun.

We decide to head to the park after our cold snacks, there’s one just a short walk up along the Greensward. Poppy is often taken to this park by my mum and she absolutely loves it there. We spend ages on the swings, slides and roundabouts. I even found out she can now do monkey bars! Mummy and Daddy were very impressed! She loves being outside, she’d spend all day there if she could but the day was coming to an end. Harrison needed changing and feeding so we made a move home.

It really was a lovely day, it was good to have a day that revolved around Poppy before she starts school tomorrow. Stacey and I are a little nervous about the whole starting school thing, but I’m sure she’ll be fine. Everyone has to start school and everyone gets through it!

How was it when your first child started school? Emotional, scary or did you just grit your teeth and plough through? Let me know!!

I’ve made a little montage film of our day, if you would like to see it please click here .

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