Things I miss from before having kids

Do you remember the time before having your kid(s)?

A little over four years ago my life completely changed. At 7.15pm on August the 9th I became a Dad, it was the proudest days of my life and the also the biggest. Almost everything in mine and Stacey’s life was about to change. Four years on and with another beautiful child to our name I thought I’d share just some of the things I miss since becoming a Dad.

  • Sleep – When you have a child you accept the fact that you’re not going to sleep as much, that’s a given, right? Nothing can prepare you for the sleepless nights and then having to go to work. After a year or so your child will start sleeping through the night and your family will fall into a routine. Then just as you’re enjoying sleeping in until 6.30am (yes that’s classed as a lay in), you decide to have another kid and you’re right back to square one. So sleep has to be on my list of things I miss. Years and years ago I could wake up 45mins before having to be in work and still make it into the office on time. I could stay up as late as I wanted and not have to worry about what time I would be up in the morning watching Peppa Pig or Bubbleguppies (not a bad show to be honest). Sleep – how I miss thee
  • Social life with friends and Stacey – I was never a person to be going out every night of the week, but I did like a beer or two with my childless friends. Stacey and I would be able to go out with only a moments notice, without having to plan weeks in advance for a babysitter, stock up on sleep so we can actually stay awake long enough and also save up enough money to be able to afford to go somewhere nice.
  • Having a tidy home – Some disciplined readers of mine may be able to keep their home nice and tidy but ours has it moments when it looks like a bomb has gone off. We try so hard to keep on top of the kids toys, washing and the dishes but it’s just so hard! There’s always wipes or toys in our lounge littering the floor, sticky hand marks on walls and doors with a spilt drink or dropped food, followed by a scrounging dog sniffing out any morsels of food he can find. Hovering once or twice a week is now a distant memory, A messy house means your building memories right? In our case we’re certainly going to have a hell of a lot of memories!
  • Money- Pre-kids, I had something called “disposable income”. For those who are not familiar with this term, it basically means money left over when you have covered all your bills. Before kids as long as my bills were paid I could spend the rest on my money on anything I wanted and not have to worry about keeping any back “just incase” Treating yourself was a regular occurrence – not anymore. The last BIG purchase I made was my TV, this was a present to myself for giving up smoking around 5 years ago…. since then nothing.. zilch. My bank balance is very often very worrying, but we survive. Like most families, you make it work.

This post makes me sound very selfish, I don’t mean to be. We can all reminisce of times when things were different, where things were easier. However, would I change my life now to have the above back? No way!

Isn’t he beautiful!

What I lost in sleep, I’ve gained in laughs. When my bank is empty, my heart is full of love. When my house is messy my children are happy. I wouldn’t swap anything for my life. I’m extremely lucky to have these kids and an amazing fiancĂ© who keeps the whole family machine well oiled and running without her I wouldn’t stand a chance!

Anyway here’s a picture of my daughter doing what she does best, making me laugh!


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