Baby Boy Two Month Update

Two months old, where has the time gone?

I can’t believe that another month has already passed, so much has happened in the last few weeks it’s been difficult to process and remember everything!

Well, he’s now two months old and I’m pleased to say the little chaps grunting has nearly stopped. He still likes to make himself known with the occasional caveman-like noise but he now seems to put most of his energy into cute baby noises, noises like “goo-ing” and “oooooo” He loves trying to talk to me and attempts to copy the noises I’m making, surely being only two months old copying isn’t possible, maybe someone could let me know!?

He’s weight is good too. The health visitor came a couple of weeks ago and weighed ou21728075_10214300270443623_352831622065088880_nr little chunk and he came in at an impressive 13lbs, he’s not going to stay little for long, much to Stacey’s annoyance!

He’s now sharing a room with his big sister Poppy, in his own cot. Poppy is so excited about sharing a room with her little brother, she really is a mother hen to him. She’s just started school and we were worried that it may hinder her sleep when in fact she sleeps better with him in the room with her. Bless her, she worries when she can’t see him it’s really nice to witness how much she loves him.

He’s loving finding his mouth with his hands, he’d munch on his fingers all day long if we’d let him. I don’t think he’s teething, just exploring this new world he finds himself in with his tiny baby fingers. We’ve ordered a little present for our young man, a gummee glove, hopefully that will save his fingers and stop the occasional poke in the eye or scratch on the face.21272499_10214235999836898_929087995179494540_n

I’d love for his second monthly update to have been more in depth but it’s been a busy month. Poppy’s starting school, health visitor visitors and work have all made sitting down and writing everything down pretty hard. I’ll try and do better next month!!

If you missed my blog on his first month you can find it here.



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