No four year old? What on earth are we meant to do today?

Poppy’s at school and Stacey and we both have a day off!

It’s finally happened, Poppy’s at school and we both have a day off together. I cannot tell you how I’ve longed for a day like today. A day where we do not have to tend to our loud and messy four year old, all we need to do is drop her to school and plan our adult day. As an example of a typical day, yesterday was all about our little madam, swimming in the morning, her favorite place for lunch and then visiting nanny’s and grandma’s to complete the day. She’s a lucky girl 🙂 We try to do something fun with the kids whenever we are all off together, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to do grown-up things.


Yes, we would have Harrison, but he is as good as gold. Only making himself known when he’s hungry, with sleeping very high on his things to do during the day.

Stacey this morning was on school run duties, she has eBay’d what feels like half of our worldly possessions, so a visit to the post office was needed to avoid some impatient feedback! As Stacey was power walking her way around Clacton, I’d be hoovering and tidying. I’m good like that you see (maybe not as often as I should but it’s a start!).

“Half an hours worth of house work in seven years, does not deserve a brownie point” – Stacey after reading this blog

When Stacey proudly comes home to tell me her impressive step count, I have to list the things I have done around the house. You know, so I get some sort of gratification for my half hours worth of housework – not a word…. Bugger she wasn’t as impressed as I thought she would be. No brownie points for me!

We pop to ASDA to grab some bits for tea tonight, we had decided to go Mexican and cook Chicken Quesadilla, our favorite at El Guaca! We stopped and grabbed something to eat and headed home. At home we feed Harrison and put him down for a nap, we now had the whole day to do what we wanted!! We sat down and talked for a while and came to the conclusion that in fact, we didn’t have any money to actually do anything! This wedding saving is playing havoc with our disposable income.

Our conversation then moved onto how rubbish our hoover is (or maybe it was the last person that used it…..) and then into possibly buying a new one. We then realised that the same reason we weren’t going out today would be the same reason we wouldn’t be buying a hoover!

Before we knew it it was 2pm and the only thing we had planned was our son’s first vaccinations. Neither of us was looking forward to it and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to holding the little man while happened.

We get home and that’s the day gone. Poppy’s home from school, dinners on and work beckons tomorrow. I wonder if this becomes our standard day off together until we’re married. Do you know what, it wasn’t even a bad day. We had extra quality time with Harrison, extra cuddles and kisses. The day may not have been busy or exciting but it was quality time and just what we needed.

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