Good Dad, Lazy Partner

I like most dad’s, like to think I’m a pretty good father. But a good partner… hmmmm I’m not so sure.

Let me tell you a little about my family.

Eight years ago I finally got my girl. It took years of persuading and pressure from me, my parents and hers until she finally succumbed to my advances. Sounds creepy doesn’t it, Stacey would probably agree, maybe why that’s why it took so long for her to think, “why not let this loser have a chance” and I’m indebted to her that she did.

A couple of holidays, moving in with each other and a pet dog later with had our first child, Poppy. The holidays were a prerequisite to us embarking on living together, spending a week with one another we hoped would give us an idea of what living jointly would be like. The problem with that is you spend a week sitting by a pool drinking and enjoying the Mediterranean sun instead of picking up dirty washing or hovering and worrying what to cook for dinner each night!

Anyway, back to being a dad to my wonderful two children. Being a dad is quite possibly the best job in the world. Sure you don’t get paid money, instead, you receive a much better currency of memories, cuddles and affection. The flood of emotions you go through on a daily basis is a constant reward for partaking in the great journey of parenthood. I do my best to be as involved as I can be in my children’s lives. Whether that be changing dirty nappies, arts and crafts or to just being there as and when I’m needed, even telling them off for being naughty it’s all part of the joyous job!

I wouldn’t say I’m as good at the job of being a good partner though. To be honest, I’m surprised she hasn’t sacked me already! I honestly do not deserve her, not only to be with me but to have given me such the perfect family!

Stacey puts up with so much from me, so let me list just a few things I know annoy her!

  • Snoring – I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter which way I lay in bed I sound like a horse! It gets even worse if I become ill or have a drink!


  • My memory – I literally have the worst memory. We will often have conversations which I have no recollection of or I agree to something one day and then forget I have the next. The famous “male selective hearing 😉 “


  • Laziness around the house – I’ll be the first to admit that I do not do a lot at home. In fact, apart from hovering once in a blue moon, I  don’t do anything. It’s not that I expect Stacey to do all the housework, it’s that it’s always done. It’s like we have a fairy that just has all this stuff done for when I return from work – MAGIC!


  • That I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and she can’t – For me this isn’t really my fault, it’s not my problem that she’s a light sleeper and finds it hard to switch off. I can see why it would annoy her, as this leads on nicely to the next point.


  • I often do not hear the baby crying when asleep – When I offer to do the very early feed for our 10 week baby boy, initially Stacey is very grateful. Then it hit’s her that I actually struggle to hear the yelps and wailings of our baby and that she will actually have to wake up to wake me up, thus defeating the objective of me feed him. Another thing I just can’t help – as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m down and out!

These are just some of the hates I know of.

Today I asked Stacey if there was anything else that I did that wound her up, I wish I hadn’t! The list continues with items such as: how often I go to the loo, how I leave the empty loo roll on the side in the bathroom, I’m not very handy (DIY), I don’t fully close our chest of drawers properly and list goes on!

I’ll stop there as I do not want my loyal and amazing readership to think this young man is all bad 😉

Stacey, you maybe able to find someone more helpful and handy around the home, but you will not find anyone else who will love you more than I do. No one that would appreciate you more and make as happy as you do me and our kids.


Thank you for everything you do. MWAH xx

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