Running Dad

3,2,1 and ACTION

If you’re one of my followers on Facebook, you’ll have seen recently that I posted my first vlog. It’s my first attempted at speaking to the camera, and I decide to do it whilst running,  sweating and out of breath, not the best of ideas I hear you say!

I’ve left it so long doing it as I thought I’d struggle to find topics/things to say. So one morning I thought “lets just go for it! If it’s crap, it’s crap”

Quite why I decided to chose filming myself running at the crack of dawn I don’t know, but it was kind of fun. Anyway that’s it on the writing front, feel free to poke of the below thumbnail YouTube kindly decided to pick as the image to use for this vlog! Oh and if you have any ideas of any other vlog I could cover please let me know!

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