Blogger Recognition Award

Accepting this Award

I would like to thank Lorraine Smyth at for the very kind nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award. As well as blogging about TV, Film and Food, it’s her Parenting blogs that I can really relate to, especially the ones about her partner! Please go and check her out, there’s something for everyone!

The Blogger Recognition Award

BloggerawardHaving only been blogging since July this year, I really had no expectation of anyone reading my blogs let alone nominating them for recognition! The award is an online award passed on from blogger to blogger. With this great news comes a great responsibility – the tough task of nominating others. This really isn’t tough at all, there are so many bloggers out there that deserve more exposer, certainly more than what I deserve! I’ll post these below shortly.

Why I started blogging

A few months ago me and a director at the office (Estate Agency), were talking about ways we could increase our online presence. Blogging popped up in the conversation, so I thought I’d dabble doing it personally before producing content under my company name. The name of my blog is simple really – When at work I deal with property and when at home, I’m a parent – hence the name Property Parent.

Some advice for new bloggers

I consider myself a new blogger still and will not pretend to be anything otherwise. However, if I can give a pearl of wisdom from these young bloggers shoulders it would be: Try to post often and blog about what interests you, not what you think people will want to read. If you do that your audience/following will grow organically. I personally do not agree with the Facebook Groups that offer “like for like” posts. You want your followers to actually read your work and the best way to do that is to make quality content that means something to you. Sometimes they’ll do well, sometimes they wont. But keep at it!

Check out these blogs!

The Rules:

~Make sure you take the time to thank the blogger who gave you your nomination.  Write a little bit about them and their blog and provide a link of where to find their blog.
~Write a post to show your award
~Briefly explain why you started your blog
~Share some advice to new bloggers
~Select 15 other bloggers you would like to nominate for this award

Happy Blogging!


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