“I don’t need to go to school – I already know everything!”

I would imagine most parents of just starting school children would agree, that around 3 or 4 years old they change. Not just physically but their adorableness and innocence turn into stroppy faces and anger ( I thought this was saved for the teenage years!).

I’m sure every parent has stories such as the one the ones you are about to read about their offspring. Especially when they reach the age of forming opinions with the ability and the desire to express those opinion!

My personal favourite opinion from my daughter, was around a week before she started school. I’ll paint the picture: We’re all sitting in the lounge on a Saturday afternoon, and I dare ask Poppy to tidy up her toys that she had finished playing with. The standard Poppy response is to throw herself around the room, rolling around stropping and complaining until she will inevitably hurt herself, (ironically) on the items I’ve asked her to put away. Anyway, after a few minutes of this little outburst, I pop up and calmly say “You start school next week, are you going to do this when your teacher asks you to do something?” Her response, after taking a moment to pause, was:

“I don’t need to go to school, I already know everything!”…..

Then proceeded to carry on moaning. I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. I looked at Stacey amazed that not only had she found a way of bigging herself up but I couldn’t even correct her, as saying anything to the contrary would be calling her stupid! Unknowingly she had me by the short and curlies. I’ve wanted my daughter to be strong, independent but jeeeeez, this is something else!


So I’ve established that I have a smart-arsed kid that knows everything, but what I didn’t know was that I had somehow brought up a little thief! Don’t judge my parenting just yet, she hasn’t stolen from shops!
After a couple of days at school, it seemed Poppy had gotten all too familiar with her school surroundings by thinking it was OK to start bringing parts from school home with her. Luckily enough it’s not the class pet, just general items used at school. We would be walking back home and halfway she would reach into her pocket and have a cute, but cheeky smile on her face. Whilst looking at me her hand would slowly appear and reveal the swag she had “borrowed” from school. One day it was some playdoh, another it was a handful pens or crayons, I can’t quite remember. The funny thing is that she has hundreds of pens and crayons at home and tens of pots of playdoh… Maybe she just did it for the excitement, or maybe she enjoyed the look of embarrassment the next day on our faces as we are apologising to the teacher while returning the adopted items. After some words, she has now decided that a life of crime doesn’t pay and has given this brief habit up! Thank goodness!

From stealing to indecent exposure! Please bear with me here, it’s not what you think!
I’m no fashion expert but I know that in most instances people where underwear right? If not for fashion, for hygiene at least! Not my little girl. She has all of a sudden decided that she doesn’t like wearing knickers! Often sighting “We’re not going anywhere today, so I don’t need to wear knickers!” We are constantly picking up pair after pair of her knickers from the floor, she’ll go to the toilet, take them off an not put them back on. Or decide to take them off in the bedroom or hallway and just leave them ready for me to slip over! She just loves showing off her bum! More embarrassingly is she recently came home from school without any knickers on, I just glad it was a day she was wearing tights!


The above are frustrating yet funny! Is there anything your children do out of the ordinary that make you laugh when you really shouldn’t? Let me know in the comments below!


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