Typical Morning.

Who needs an alarm clock…?

My mornings start out like, I’d imagine, most other parents being woken up by one of my children. Usually, it’s Poppy, my four year old standing approximately one inch from one of our faces staring and breathing her morning breath in our face, insisting morning starts at 5am. However, today was the turn of my 12 week old boy, who can’t seem to sleep for more than 20 minutes without needing a cuddle! This is all well and good during the day, just not at the crack of dawn!


With our eyes adjusting to all the lights in the house being turned on, the morning routine begins. In my household, it’s a battle with my daughter to brush her teeth, get her dressed (making sure she has put her knickers on!)  and to eat her breakfast. All whilst trying to get ready ourselves, along with feeding the dog and getting the baby ready.

Breakfast isn’t simple. Cereal without milk is a popular choice, depending on how much sleep I’ve had depends if I want to battle my daughter at 6am in the morning. Then it’s the bubba’ s turn for breakfast. He’s just a little too young at the time of writing for baby porridge etc, so it’s the ever so bland milk. He can’t like it too much,  as it takes him an age just to down 3 small ounces!

“I’ve finished!!”

Before I’ve even had chance to boil the kettle, madam is ready for second course. Toast, crumpets, croissants and fruit are available to her, but no, she wants the pack of giants buttons I accidentally left out on the side the night before. Again depending on how much sleep I’ve had, depends if I buckle or whack the toaster on.

I know what I would prefer!

Doing her teeth and getting dressed is becoming easier. Poppy is at that age where she is getting her independence. Unfortunately she still requires some help with certain tasks even though she won’t admit it! Cleaning her teeth is one. She’s very good at getting toothpaste all over the bathroom sink but getting to all her teeth for the required two minutes is painful. We have toothpaste foam frothing from her mouth, tears rolling down her cheeks and some strong words coming from me as I’m clocking how much time we have to leave to get to school! She cannot do her hair and I’m not going to lie, nor can I. If she wants anything more than a pony tail or messy bun, she needs to go and see the professional.. her mum! Although I don’t know why we bother, within ten minutes her hair has just exploded!


We’re fed, well some of us, we’re dressed and ready to leave for school and work. Kisses are given to mummy and our little man, who is no doubt on his second or third bottle of the morning. We jump in the car, get a minute down the road and, as usual I’ve forgotten something. It’s either her book bag, water bottle or lunch box – never her though…. yet. We stick on her Moana CD, turn it up loud and blast out a bit of “Your Welcome”. The passers-by must wonder what I’m doing. My back windows are blacked out and it’s not overly obvious my daughter is in the car with me. I just look like a middle-aged man singing to a kids song….

We get to school and this is my favorite part of the morning, no, not because I get to drop her off for the day, it’s our school run selfies! Every morning, Poppy’s mood permitting, I try to get a picture of us together and upload it to my Facebook & Instagram pages. Please check them out! After the pictures it’s the 5  minute walk to the school, yes if we were more organised we too could get their earlier like the rather smug parents parked right at the school gate, but that’s just not how we roll! We wait five minutes for the gates to open and when they are, it’s a quick kiss and she’s off. No tears anymore, she away with her friends laughing and joking. I do try to hang around and look through the class window so I can see how she is in class, although I can’t do that too long before I start to get funny looks from other parents…

After the stresses and strains of the morning, a sigh of relief is given as I sit back in my car. Now time for work, while Stacey has the never ending task of keeping our son happy and of course fed!

How does your morning routine compare? Are you super organised or do you just tend to wing it like us? Let me know in the comments below, lets see how we compare!!

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