We’re Trying to “Eat Well for Less”


Our first attempt at using our new cook book

Stacey is in charge of our food shopping and up until very recently, Stacey had always done a “big shop” once a month at the local ASDA store. We’d always order the same bits month after month and have the same meals week after week.

It doesn’t help that me and Poppy are very fussy. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods and nor is Poppy, our 4 year old girl. I’d imagine Poppy has just picked up on the foods that I eat, maybe heard me say I do not like this or that and decided to come to the same conclusion! Our fussiness results in Stacey, sometimes, having to cook three different meals. No fair really.

Anyway, Stacey decided in an attempt to save some extra money, to do a weekly shop and to plan our meals. By planning we could prepare meals that we all would eat and we’d only need to buy the food we needed for those meals. We took this idea from the BBC’s Eat Well for Less TV show and even bought the book. There is around 80 different recipes in this book and I would really recommend it to anyone who has fussy eaters, or anyone looking to save a few pounds.

Without further ado, here’s a vlog of our first attempt at cooking one of the recipes. Hope you enjoy and please, let me know if you are in the same situation and what you do to keep the whole family fed and happy!

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