Gross things you do as a parent!

I’ve not had too much time to do much blogging recently so I thought I’d try and do a short one tonight about the gross things we do as parents. I’m sure many of you can relate! Enjoy!

Eating food your child has already chewed

As the kids start to grow up you try and open their eyes to the abundance of food out there in the world, not just nuggets and chips. So you prepare a lovely meal just for them to, after a few chews, spit it out and say they don’t like it. Well, I’m not one to waste food, anything the kids don’t eat, and I’m not proud of this, even the chewed and spat out food, yes I eat… and I bet I’m not the only one!


Get pooey fingers from changing their nappy or wiping their bum

An almost inevitability in parenting. Before you have your baby I think you just need to accept the fact, that you are going to get poo on your fingers, under your nails and on your hands. If you’re not prepared for that then you might as well through the towel in now because it WILL happen! It doesn’t change when they get earlier too much either, it’s hard to wipe a 4-year-olds bum while she’s dancing around the bathroom!


Sucking a dirty dummy clean after it has been on the floor

I must admit we’re not a big dummy family. Luckily both our children we’re/aren’t too keen on them but our 4-month-old likes one for his sleep. Even though we don’t use them religiously you can almost guarantee that you will drop a dummy on the floor and it will land on the hairiest/fluffiest part of the floor and be covered in goodness knows what. As a parent, this doesn’t stop you putting it in your mouth and giving it a good suck to clean it for your child. Although I’m not sure it helps you as a parent but at least it’s cleaner for your baby!

Wiping snot and bogies from noses and mouths with nothing but your hand if no wipes are within reach

Heaven forbid should you EVER find your self out of the house without any baby wipes! This I learnt very early in my parenting days, they can be used for any occasion! But, if you find yourself in a situation where you kid’s nose has the biggest bogie or slimiest snot train hanging from their nostrils, you’ve just got to parent-up and get it with whatever you have to hand – Hand being the important word there. Yes for some reason us parents believe that it’s better to use our own bodies as a tissue rather than any item of clothing. Yuck….



Sitting in the bath with your child as they’re doing a wee!

Now some parents will be against this all together as some parents are not comfortable bathing with their children, me, I loved it. When my daughter was younger we had so much fun in the bath – right up until she looks up, does her cheeky smile and says “Daddy I’m doing a wee” The water turns a slight staw like colour and thus quickly ending my involvement in bath time.


Projectile vomited on with freshly drunken milk

It comes from nowhere. One minute your beautiful child is laying there calmly in your arms when all of a sudden your face, shoulders and body are covered in your child’s most recent bottle. Quite how so much vomit can come out of a baby so small and so far is beyond me, please watch out for this. Sometimes it can be quite warm and smelly!

These are just some of the gross things us parents have to go through in the early years of parenting.

Do you anything else to add? Common, share your gross things you do as a parent!


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