The Mumbod

I’ll be honest here, I had no intention or even the idea to write a blog on the “Mumbod”. It wasn’t until I read Tracey Louise Wright’s post for the Huffington Post named Mum Tum #Mumbod, that made me think about how it must feel for women after the birth of a child. I wrote a blog on how my body has changed since becoming a dad, however that was more for comical factor rather than anything serious.

Women and men see their bodies in different ways, I see my ever growing belly as a constant reminder that I’m getting older, lazier and just less caring of my figure. For some women it’s different – body image is a constantly shoved down their throats, even more so when celebrity mums are pictured a few weeks after giving birth looking just as slim as they did 10 months previously. Not all mums are able to hire a personal trainer and spend 5 full days a week at the gym, not all mums can afford to have prepared healthy and calorie free meals delivered to their door. The reality is, having a family is hard work and mums being mums, put everything but themselves first.

My other half has brought me two of THE most precious things in the world, our children. She sacrificed her work, her social life, her body and countless other things to give us both a family. Her body changed so much during pregnancy, organs were being squashed to make room for the growing baby inside her, hips widening, boobs getting bigger and stretch marks/tiger strips forming. You would think that after giving birth everything would go back to normal all by its self. It doesn’t and why should you care so soon after bringing your child into the world!?

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph I hadn’t planned to write this, so it may not be as structured as I would have liked it to have been. However, my objective with this post is to give my brief and male view to mums and soon to be mums about the Mumbod.

Do not be ashamed, embarrassed or upset about your appearance once you have given birth.

You have done the most amazing and spectacular thing a human being can do. It will take time for you to feel yourself, it will take time for you to be able to walk, carry things and even wee for god sake! Do not put pressure on yourself to get that figure back or to be able to jump back into the sack with your partner just because a mum you know has done it.

You are all unique, different and amazing! Do not forget that. I tip my hat to you all!

Can you think of any advice you could give future mums or even current mums on being proud of the mumbod? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on Mum Tum. I think it’s great that as a guy you can have the empathy to understand the physical and emotional vulnerabilities women feel Post birth. If more people empathised with each other and the feelings of another society would be very different 😊

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  2. For some reason the comment posted before I’d finished.
    Women should concentrate and recovering first before reverting back to type.


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