Baby H 6 Month Update

I must admit, I have been very lapsed in keeping you all up to date with our families new addition, Baby H and with blogging in general. It’s been a busy few months and just pure laziness on my part.

So what’s been going on? Well, Baby H is coming up to 6 months old now and it’s gone so quick! It only seems like yesterday that I was itching to have both mummy and baby back home from the hospital after an agonising 3 day wait for them to be discharged.

Now, my last update for H was when he was two months old, he was starting to make noises and we had even started putting him in his cot in the evenings. Unfortunately, the whole cot thing didn’t work out for too long. He went down well for a couple of nights, luring us into a false sense of security, but then he started waking up numerous times in the evening. We couldn’t work out why. It would be just random yelps and little moans, not enough to wake me (much to Stacey’s annoyance), but certainly enough to wake up his little sister in the same room. Back in our room he came.


Just before he was 5 months old he started sleeping all the way through the night, which was fantastic! His last feed would be around 7ish in the evening, whilst drinking this last bottle of the day, the telltale signs of tiredness start to show. Yawning, lack of concentration and short-tempered and that’s just us, the parents! His mannerisms are more subtle, the fiddling with his hair and rubbing of the eyes as he slowly drifts off to sleep. Next is the tricky bit, actually transporting baby H to the cot from the lounge where he’s just been fed. This needs to be seamless and gentle, as any sudden movements will ruin the peaceful evening we may have had planned. If everything goes well, then he’s wrapped up in his grow bag, dummy in mouth cuddling up to his blanket, until around 5.30am – you can’t have it all can you!?


Sitting Up

His next big milestone came a few weeks ago, he’s sitting up!! We’re not just talking about  sitting up for a second then catching him before his face plummets towards the floor, he’s bolt upright steady as you and I. This has made him look so grown up now, don’t get me wrong, he’s always looked older than what he is due to the size of him, but now he’s acting older with a back posture I would kill to have!



Baby Led Weaning

Depending on what side of the fence you sit on here, will depend if you agree or disagree with baby led weaning. If you disapprove, then skip on by this bit will not be for you! We LOVED baby led weaning with our first child, the faces she’d pull trying new things, the concentration on her face as she would try to pick up the interesting and new foods put in front of her and even the mess! A messy home is a happy home, right? This was going to be no different for our second. We eased him in gently with some baby porridge, just so he had a subtle and different texture to know that there is more to like than milk. So far he’s tried carrot sticks, avocado (it’s the must thing apparently), toast, muffins, crumpets, banana and the weaning crisps, which I think are vile but he likes them and they tend to almost melt in the mouth. He’s loved exploring the food with his hands, tuning those motor skills and hand eye coordinating. I’m hoping to make a video and post it on YouTube, if I remember I’ll add a link here (if there isn’t a hyperlink, I’ve forgotten!) angry


Poppy, our first, wasn’t a shy baby. She would be able to be picked up by anyone for a cuddle or for some baby chat. H on the other hand, has a very small amount of people he will like being held by. We’ve called this H’s “Circle of Trust“. Much like the circle of trust in the Meet the Parents film. This circle, at one point was vey small and included just me, Stacey, Poppy and the dog! Gradually as he is getting older, he is being more trusting with other members of the family extending to even friends of ours he doesn’t see too often. Only time will tell if this continues.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be posting a blog soon on how the wedding planning is going so look out for that! In the meantime let me know about your babies milestones. What were they doing at six months, I’d love to read some in the comments below!

Until next time!!

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