This 30 Something year old is a father of two,a fiancé/lover of one and has completely no idea what he is doing. Am I even speaking in the third person correctly?

This is the part of the intro where I’m meant to say something that gets you hooked to my blog. The part that’s meant to entice you to hit that follow button (it’s on the page somewhere…) however, I have no “pull” or “unique selling point”. My uniqueness is my family and our lives.

I may decide to bore you with some content about buying/selling houses, I mean it’s what I do for  living, so it’s going to pop up now again. I’ll be keeping those blog separate from the family stuff 🙂

So if your interested click follow if not, trust me there are hundreds of better/funnier bloggers than me out there go and find them, fill your boots! But, I’d love for you to stay, have a read and let me know what you think.

Thanks in advanced

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